Urban Greens - A Guide to Ceremonial & Spiritual Healing with Urban Medicinal Plants

Well I certainly never expected that a book would be on my list of projects underway at present! I first started Urban Greens as a final project for my year of a Folk Herbalism Apprenticeship at the Gaia School of Healing. It was supposed to be a mini book - 10 pages or so - but when I started writing, I just couldn't stop. It felt like the words weren't my own. As if the plants were speaking through me, gasping for a chance to be heard. Their voices spoke so loudly...

"they need to hear this, all of them, they need to hear remember again".

Working with plants is something our ancestors have been doing for centuries before us. Before our medicine cabinets filled up with pharmaceuticals. Now, don't get me wrong - I do believe there is a time and a place for western medicine and the technological advances of the scientific world of health. But, I also weep for the knowledge we lost in those years of thinking that the new way was the only way. It pains me to think of what could have been , if we never lost those traditions. I think certainly we would view our Earth differently, if we were taught to know the names of all the life that sprang from it. I bet we wouldn't spray our lawns, if we new the healing powers of dandelions. And I can promise you, we would respect our mother, a whole hell of a lot more, if we understood that our life and sustenance comes from what she offers us.

Connecting with plants creates a gateway back home. It renews the bridge that intertwines our existence deeply into the Earth. The plant world can open up so many doors for us as a species.

It's not just about offering medicine for a cold... It's about healing wounds so much deeper than that.

It's about healing our connection to who we are, as individuals, as families, as communities, as a species. Plants offer the medicine to bring us back to who we really are, and what our purpose truly is. Pure, simple, connected living, and a renewed sense of purpose. 

The plants have offered me so much support and healing since I began this journey a few short years ago. I wanted to share that, and spread the recipe for connection. As I talked endlessly to friends and acquaintances about all the exciting things I had been learning about, I realized many of them were discouraged by living in a city. When I began writing Urban Greens, I knew I wanted to aim the book at exactly this group of people. Enthusiastic, interested people who lived in Urban Environments. And thus, 'Urban Greens - A Guide to Ceremonial and Spiritual Healing through Medicinal Urban Plants", was born.  Urban Greens is still a work in progress, but here's a sample of the first few pages...

To the herbal allies that have become my dear friends and teachers. May the traditions of your medicine spread, like the readied seeds of dandelions float away in late summer’s wind, scattering far and wide. May all those your whispers land upon be blessed with ears to hear your voice. May we all remember our sacred relationship with the land we walk upon and all beings who share in it’s embrace.

Alas sweet green beings
may your voices be spoken for all to hear,
to fall on ears far and near.
Your sacred medicine is to be shared,
and that has long been wounded, may see repair.
The moment has birthed, slow and steady.
Your words will reach those who’re ready,
whose hearts call out to meet your own
whose voices too, wish to be known.
Green allies, wisdom keepers,
friend of all those named as seekers,
thank you dearly for the medicine you’ve shared.
Thank you deeply for how you’ve cared.
Held me, cradled me, seen me through,
to find my voice to speak with you.
So now I speak with new intention.
Now I speak to for the protection,
of the sacred power of connection,
to strengthen the portal of resurrection.
May all the ways of old resurface.
May all the keepers of wisdom rise.
May all the power of fear be broken.
May all the love of the world arise.
May all the medicine again be known.
May all the wounds be dressed and sewn.
For hearts that’ve healed, are hearts that heal.
Ears that are open are ears that hear.
A path, once shown, can be freely be walked.
A voice, once its found, is ready to talk,
and call fourth the allies of green medicine’s flock.

May you be one blessed to know the embrace of the Earth that you call home.