reiki courses & certification

Reiki is a subject I feel very blessed to be teaching, so much so, that I spent 3 years training to be able to do so. I was trained in traditional Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki under Reiki Master Sri Aji Kumar in India, where I lived and learned for 3 years. During this time I traveled throughout India and Asia assisting classes with my teacher. I spent a total of 3 years apprenticing and deeply working on my own self practice before I began sharing the teachings with others. The slow and melodious way in which I was trained is what I value most in these experiences, and is also what I believe makes me unique as a facilitator.  

After apprenticing, I began teaching independently in India to Indian native and foreign students. As a result, most of my classes were taught to non-native English speakers, who had a somewhat limited vocabulary. After three years in a foreign country, navigating communication gaps became a second nature skill. However, upon returning to the states, I found that teaching students with different native tongue was one of the biggest blessing on my journey! It forced me to learn how to explain the concepts of Reiki in a way that is direct and concise. A perfect recipe for avoiding confusion and over complication on topic that is already somewhat philosophically occult.  

I've been teaching  Reiki level 1 (beginner) and level 2 (intermediate) since March 2017, both in India and the US. To me, Reiki is the best way to begin or enhance any practice of healing - for ourselves and others. Reiki healing energy (KI) is entirely guided by universal consciousness (REI), so Reiki is one of the safest practices for both the healer and the receiver, which is why I recommend learning Reiki first, especially for those who are new to energy work. Reiki, however, is not simply a tool for healing, it is a spiritual practice all in itself. It was a path that lead us back home. 


Reiki level one- class description

Everyone must begin here!  In the first degree training, we will learn the art of hands on energy medicine through the Usui Shiki Ryoho over a 2-3 day course.

The Basic Level One course will teach you how to channel Reiki for your own healing and spiritual practice, as well as how to facilitate healing for others, friends, family, and animals. We will cover the history of Reiki, guidelines for giving and receiving Reiki, practice sessions, self healing techniques, and 4 initiations that empower your ability to channel Reiki. And, of course, lots of time for Q&A! 

At the completion of the course, certificates will be given, and you will be ready to begin healing work for yourself & others. 

No prior experience is necessary. Anyone can learn Reiki.


reiki level two - class description

The level two class is designed for students who have already completed a level one training under any credible Reiki Master in the Usui Lineage. Level two is more focused on advancing the previously learned technique to be more effective and time efficient in the healing process. In this course, we are given the Reiki symbols, and learn how to facilitate healing across all layers of time and space (distance healing). Distance healing allows the students to send Reiki to those who are in another physical location, to heal past traumas, empower future events, and heal the outer layers of the Aura. Additionally the symbols allow one to channel a greater amount of energy in a shorter period of time, making healing more efficient. 

This course is for students seeking the next steps in their practice. 


upcoming classes

Reiki Level One - 2 Days Course

  • Sat March 16th 12-4
    & Sun March 17th 12-5

    Location: Healing Waters Yoga Center
    542 Quaker Rd. East Aurora

Reiki Level Two - 3 Days Course

  • Friday April 12th 6:30-8:30
    Saturday 13th 11am-3pm
    Sunday 14th 11am-3pm

Location: Healing Waters Yoga Center
542 Quaker Rd. East Aurora