Art musings

my creations are nature inspired, simple, and tasteful. charged with reiki and mindfully made.


Macrame Crystal Jewelry

Macrame is a style of thread wrapping around gemstones. Gemstones has been used for century to aid healing in the body and give the wearer a greater sense of balance and well being. All of the gemstones I use have been infused with Reiki, and programmed for the healing of the wearer.  I sell pre-made designs at craft shows and take custom orders. Want a certain stone? Contact me! 


Wall Art

Dreamcatcher inspired wall art is one of my newer en devours. Created by custom order only to fit any space, any size. On a budget? We can work with that! Contact me!


Dream catchers

I work with modern style dream catchers and particularly enjoy creating pieces with lace and flowers. Created by custom order. Have a wedding or event? Nothing looks more beautiful than a room full of lace. Except maybe lace blowing in the wind outdoors!  Contact me!

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